the custom hook we’ll be building!

link to live example of what we’ll be coding!

link to GitHub repo and source files

Static single-page scrollable sites present an interesting, super fun navigation challenge! …

The Guessing Game (

The game we’ll be (re)-building! The Guessing Game, imperative

The refactored React-based game! The Guessing Game, functional + React

Github repos for both: Imperative code base | Functional + React code base

If you’re anything like me, you have at least one fun side project written when you were green enough around the ears to have coded it imperatively. When I joined Fullstack Academy in 2020, I had just written a recipe management tool for bread bakers (check it out!

Daniel Shapiro

Daniel is a fullstack software engineer and Teaching Fellow at Fullstack Academy, where he graduated in April 2021.

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